Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Everybody Hates You!

Taken out of context, this sign makes me chuckle

In context...It makes me chuckle too.

This was a sign for the protest of the Neo Nazi rally at Seattle Center. The problem was...There was no Neo-Nazi rally at Seattle Center. Oops. John and I were at Seattle Center getting coffee that morning. There were people there to protest all sorts of different things...George Bush, Socialism, Oil. Some were holding signs that were either extremely vague or cryptic. Everyone looked excited to protest yet nobody seemed to know why. I wanted to see someone holding a sign that said "WE DON"T KNOW WHAT WE ARE PROTESTING" Well, apparently the Nazi's didn't show up. The Socialists from Portland didn't show up. Sorry Seattle.
That is the LAST time they put the Anarchists in charge of the phone tree!

Superbowl XL,L,M,S and XS

I was in line at Houghton Market Thriftway and there was a big sign at the register SUPERBOWL XL. The woman in front of me asked if they had T-Shirts in any other's true...I have witnesses!