Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Snowing at Radio Shack

It's snowing here in Lake Forest Park.
I don't know which is more disconcerting...Snow on March 28th or the name Lake Forest Park?
I used to live in these here parts and I always felt silly telling people where I lived.
It just sounds like three names you pick randomly while looking around like
Tree Stop Sign Shopping Mall
Walking Trail Radio Shack
I think the full name of Lake Forest Park should be
Lake Forest Park Mountain Sky Air Rain Snow Mix Rite-Aid
See how well my wedding planning is coming along...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wedding Post # 2

I sit at Tully's contemplating my to do list.
There is a woman and her friend sitting at the table next to me.
She is loudly droning on and on about her wedding plans. The wedding is in October, there are 65 people on the guest list, her flowers are orchids, The have picked a venue (I couldn't quite hear over the milk steamer) She has her dress, her bridesmaids, her colors picked. I think she has done more planning than I have. It seems perfectly planned.
She tells her friend "Well we aren't offically engaged yet...I just want to be ready"
Her friend tries hard to change the subject.
The construction worker guy sitting across from me gives a small chuckle.
I post to my blog.

Three Months to the Big Day

I have spent the last decade producing and directing musicals. The typical project lasts about six weeks and all of the production value happens in the last few days before opening night. There is a lot of running around, sleepless nights, and trips to Goodwill. I craft props such as blocks of cheese out of pieces of wood, paint and magic marker and a fake chicken leg out of dryer sheets, masking tape and a wine key (I am the Macgyver of props, by the way) I stress out, caffeinate, get really bitchy and it always works out in the end.

A few months ago, I had the same attitude about wedding planning. Wow, I am naive. I didn't really think moving the wedding from the end of August to the end of June would be that big of a deal. I am a procrastinator by nature and the thought of doing anything 6 months in advance seems preposterous to me. I look at the wedding checklists and find it silly how long everything takes. It should be like producing a show. I keep thinking that, but when you produce a show you are dealing with other people who operate on that last minute, pull it all together schedule. The lighting guys at PNTA are willing to help you out the day of the show and you make last minute trips to Display and Costume for the odds and end that you forgot along the way. I think weddings should be the same way. Unfortunately just because I think something, doesn't mean it's a reality. So I am off to pull some invitations out of thin air and try to find the phone number for the photographer. There is so much to do...that is why I am sitting at the Issaquah Tully's posting to my blog.

My mother is insisting on putting a wedding announcement in the paper. She requested a picture...I like this one.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

I am a very bad blogger.
Well, I won't go that far.
At least I am not blogging what I had for lunch.
I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's been a little hectic 'round these parts. My show opens tonight so I am killing some time at Tully's while waiting for paint to dry. Nothing like last minute set painting. I apologize for the bland posting. You would think after the hiatus I would have something more interesting to write. Oh hell I might as well tell you what I had for far Pocky sticks dipped in peanut butter. I blog only slightly less than I go grocery shopping.