Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning...Sort Of

I'm not sure if it's nesting or spring cleaning or simply battling the spiders for squatting rights, but I have spent the day cleaning. Yes folks you heard right! Deonn is cleaning of her own free will. What sparked this miraculous event? I don't know.
Mark listens to me bitch everyday about how fat I'm getting and how none of my clothes fit anymore. I tried on pretty much everything in my wardrobe but instead of hanging anything back up I just flung it on the chair next to my bed in disgust. I have been adding to the pile everyday, to the point where the chair is neither useable nor visible.
I tried to clean out some boxes under the bed. The first box I pulled out was pretty much empty except for a big ass spider. (he is less impressive at the moment, I immobilized him with Scrubbing Bubbles and threw the box out onto the porch...he looks much smaller know in his puddle of bathroom cleaner) I have not returned to what lies beneath the bed.
I started on the kitchen, I threw away everything in the freezer. We had some queso dip that was so freezer burnt it had a glacier forming on top. The refrigerator was a little ickier so I ignored it and moved on to blogging.
I accomplished very little in my day of spring cleaning, the bed now holds everything that was on the chair and every other room looks like tornado aftermath. The more I clean the more there is to clean and there are spiders just waiting to get me at every turn. Thank god fro Scrubbing Bubbles.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Salmonella Anyone?

Today I was behind an SUV at an offramp in Redmond. There was a homeless man at the light asking for food or money. The man in front of me rolled down his window and handed the man a jar of mayonnaise. The homeless man graciously accepted. I realize beggars can't be choosers but who gives someone a jar of mayonnaise?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seaside Part 1

Last weekend we drove down the Oregon coast for our 2nd annual tax day weekend trip to Seaside. Lots has changed since the first annual trip to Seaside, an engagement, Cletis the fetus, planning a wedding and shacking up in the meantime. I suppose the biggest difference was the lack of alcohol...for me anyway. The trip was a blast. Here is a little photolog

We thought it was raining, but the windshield wipers didn't clear much. The next day we realized why. We must have driven through Mosquito Territory.

This is the Seaside Inn, our accomodations of choice.

Here is a picture of the paddleboats that we planned to take advantage of last year. Apparently we have made this a tradition. We didn't make it to the paddleboats this year either.

We did, however make it to both the kite shop and the beach. This is our awesome groovy Jellyfish!

It's not over til the fat lady sings...and she is getting fatter by the minute.

More pics to come...I am sure you can hardly wait.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's not easy bein' green
The Green Environmental Festival is the weekend.
You may already know this.
You have probably seen one of their THOUSANDS of paper posters.

I would go but, we are taking the gas guzzling Volvo out of town for the weekend.
I write this as I drink my Jamba Juice from a styrofoam cup.

Contrary to how I might sound, I don't hate the environment, but I do hate the term "carbon footprint"
So I am hauling my ass and both of my footprints to the beach.
At least the Volvo is Green.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mmm Doritos and Popsicles

Mmm Doritos and Popsicles, and no...I'm not stoned.
Well most people figured it out when we changed the date of our wedding. Nobody seemed fooled by the "We had scheduling conflicts" party line
My favorite response to the date change was Stacey's "So is there a shotgun involved?"
Well it's a good thing I ain't got no toothless daddy waiting by the shed with his Winchester.
Although two lesbians with power tools can be just as scary. Good thing they want grandkids.
Yes, There is an Autumn baby on the way.
It's a good excuse to indulge in Doritos and popsicles.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mayor McCheese Strikes Again

I am home sick today so it probably annoys me more than it would on a healthy day.
Another reason to dislike Mayor Nickells. It's not that I have anything against the environment. I just don't like being told what to do. Are they going to start charging us for using paper towels or toilet paper in public restrooms too?