Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frog Baby's Refusal to Cooperate

We aren't sure whether it's a boy or a girl but we are pretty sure it's a conservative.
We had an ultrasound yesterday, hoping to find out the sex.
Our baby is either stubborn, overly modest or one of those right to privacy zealots.
The pictures look like pretty much all baby ultrasound pictures.
So according to the photos we are have a gender neutral alien frog baby.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Recent Weekend in Boise

Why Boise you ask?
We found a cheap flight to Boise, and decided to book it, just to stay here

the Fire and Ice Cave at the Anniversary Inn (formerly the Mammoth Ice Cave)

The Inn is kinda secluded so we stopped and asked for directions

Some nice explorers and an Indian helped us find our way.

We thanked them by having a small child build a fire at their feet.

The Indian is not a fan of Mapquest.

We only got a little lost and dehydrated but luckily help arrived in the the form of a rescue dog.

We thought he was trying to tell us that Timmy was stuck in a well, but now we think he was trying to warn us against driving to Idaho City...What do you expect from a drunk dog.
Did you find the guy with the banjo?

But wait there is more to Idaho city than that...

Actually there wasn't...

We found our way back to the Fire and Ice cave for a little dinner.

They do taste like chicken.
Stay tuned their may be more pictures from Boise...If you care, and if I remember.