Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Last Year's resolutions included the same old sorry goals for the year. Lose weight, exercise, find soul mate, spend less, make more money, stop procrastinating blah blah blah. I think I resolved to drink more, but I don't remember. I was probobly drunk at the time. It is something I have repeated only two or three times throughout 2004. I couldn't even keep that resolution! This year I have a different set of goals.

1. Embrace procrastination.
(Notice I am making my resolutions on January 3rd) I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks, so I am spending less money. I am snacking less, which aids in weight loss. I am supposed to be packing for my February 1st move, but instead today I went for a walk. Procrastination was actually the impetus for exercise. Okay so I haven't figured out how procrastinating can make me more money or find me a husband...but I have decided to put off caring about that.

2. Be more Decisive
This occured to me last night while wandering aimlessly through Larry's Market with someone equally as indecisive, but up for anything as I am. The mission was simple. Find something to eat. How hard could that be. We live in a city with so many culinary choices. I get overwhelmed by the possibilities. We ended up at a tasty Chinese restaurant in the International district, so it all turned out okay. So never mind, Indecision isn't so bad, I mean we eventually came up with a plan right? Hmm. Maybe I won't add indecision to my list. Or should I? I mean I've already written it right?

3. Be with People I Like
It sounds so corny and obvious. I want to be friends with people I like. It's not that I'm picky, I just don't like most people. That came out wrong. Let me put it this way. I don't like most people. Yeah I guess I was right the first time. That's not exactly true. I like people. I just don't need to spend a lot of time with most of them. How do I get out of this topic without sounding like a horrible person...I'll come up with something later. (See resolution #1)

4. Stop Caring
I am going to stop caring that I am almost 31 and single, moving back in with my former roommate and returning to a job that I quit two years ago. At least it's familiar. A known quantity. I am going to stop caring about my failed business attempts because as crappy as a failed business is, would it have been worse to have been successful at something you didn't really want? . I am going to stop caring that most of my friends have families and money and indoor plumbing. I will stop caring that I drive a Saturn. I am going to stop worrying about the fact that I only get hit on by married men, felons and lesbians. Yup, no more caring about any of that. I will instead focus on things that really matter, like TV and Scotch.

5. Come up with another resolution.


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