Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sippy Cup Theatre

Did you know that at the Intiman you can bring your wine right into the house? Smitty at the bar will even put it in a paper sippy cup for you. Intiman recently won the Tony award for regional theatre excellence....I love the Intiman and I'm not saying there was anything fishy going on but... the whole wine thing couldn't have hurt.
I saw an interesting show there last night. "Heartbreak House" was rather enjoyable. My heart fell a little when we reserved our wine for intermission and Smitty asked which one? Two intermissions. Three acts. I like theatre but, I have that attention span issue. The first two acts were engaging. The actors were good. It is a clever script with witty dialogue. The third act, might have been entertaining as well. I'm not sure, I was distracted. Act Three (or one act too many) took place outdoors. They played a cricket sound effect loop throughout the entire act. It was pretty much all I could hear. Crickets...chirping crickets...chirp...chirp...chirp. It was a good thing I had my sippy cup.


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Karl said...

Just popping over from 25 Peeps to say hi. So, um, hi.


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