Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Four Dollars? I'll Give You Three"

Every time Brad has a yard sale he swears he will never have another. Every time Brad has a yard sale I swear I will never help at another. We have short memories, and because we also have short attention spans we packed up what was supposed to be a two day sale on day one at 2:45 and took everything else to the curb for the "Free" vultures to swoop in on.

Yard sales bring out the worst in people. Especially cheap people. There is a very special humiliation to having your personal items pawed over by strangers trying to haggle over your already ridiculously low prices.

I didn't contribute much to this years sale, but I did manage to get rid one of many comedy/tragedy masks. If you have ever studied theatre you understand that once you let people know you are interested in the stage, you will receive various comedy tragedy masks from family memebers for the rest of your natural life. Years ago my friends and I would leave them on other actors winshields. It was a fun little game until others caught on and we ended up aquiring more theatre masks than we got rid of. But I usual.

I rid myself of some clothing and a few pairs from my ridiculously large collection of flip flops. (when I was a kid we called them thongs...Insert your own joke here...Okay poor choice of words) I had a blanket to sell but I told a guy it wasn't for sale because I didn't want to re-arrange all the items that were sitting on it. Later on, this screechy little woman wanted to buy it, but I said no because she was annoying me. I think Brad ended up buying it after the sale ended.

You have to be careful what you leave lying around. Someone tried to buy my purse, another lady wanted to buy the mug I was drinking my coffee out of. If I wasn't careful someone would try to buy one of my kidneys...and haggle me down to $4.00 for it.


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