Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Her Dog Ate Her Face- Part 2

You may remember an earlier post about the first human face transplant.
It's okay if you don't remember or are too lazy to click on the link. I'll re-cap
  1. Lady is asleep
  2. Dog eats her face
  3. Lady gets new face.

Here is an update:
  1. Lady is asleep
  2. Dog eats her face
  3. Lady gets a new face
  4. Lady gets a new dog.
Okay I am a pretty forgiving person (Shut up all of you) but WHAT? a dog gnawed off your face while you were sleeping and you are going to get another one!!? Granted, the woman is French, but still! My face has never been eaten by dog, and I'm still afraid to get one. I already stopped using my bacon scented face cream just in case of neighbor dogs.

There is a man in China who had a face transplant (apparently everyone's doing it) He had his face eaten by a bear. I will bet you my life savings that this dude isn't looking to have a new pet bear.

My life savings consists of about eight dollars and some 1962 World's Fair memorabilia


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