Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

I am a very bad blogger.
Well, I won't go that far.
At least I am not blogging what I had for lunch.
I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's been a little hectic 'round these parts. My show opens tonight so I am killing some time at Tully's while waiting for paint to dry. Nothing like last minute set painting. I apologize for the bland posting. You would think after the hiatus I would have something more interesting to write. Oh hell I might as well tell you what I had for far Pocky sticks dipped in peanut butter. I blog only slightly less than I go grocery shopping.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Hamilton said...

yay for the show. im coming saturday

which im sure sounds really really creepy coming from a random person who is commenting on your blog, but i have various friends in it so dont be too creeped out...

k, thanks... :)

(i'll try to say hi)


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