Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Greetings from Gatchaman, Minnie Mouse and Monkey

This is the second Halloween in a row that I have not been sick! I am almost always sick on Halloween. I think it might be some psychosomatic way of getting out of the dressing up thing. I think when you work in the theatre you either love to wear costumes on Halloween or it just feels redundant. I am one of those theatre people that has never really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. I am also one of those theatre people who doesn't really enjoy Karaoke.

I think the Halloween excitement thing is kinda catchy though. I am enjoying it as of late. I chalk that up to having a husband and a stepson who excitedly plan out their costumes months in advance. Mark had four fittings for his Gatchaman costume. (hand made by my friend Marta) He has wanted to be the 70's superhero since he was a four year old in Japan. Feeling a little lame at not having come up with anything to wear last night, I threw together a last minute Minnie Mouse costume. It was my attempt at festivity, It didn't really matter what I wore because when you are holding a baby in a monkey costume and your husband is dashing around in a white unitard...well nobody really cares that your costume is kinda lame.
We had some great costumes at our Halloween Shindig. My favorite was Lauren as the Hamburgler. However seeing my friends and former employers as Captain America and Catwoman was a little bit priceless


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