Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I suppose it is time to update this here blog o' mine. Some of my friends have pointed out that I haven't posted anything since I was looking for an apartment. I last posted that everything in my price range would land me in Murderville, Shotgun Shangri-La or Tacoma.
To those of you who were worried:I haven't been murdered.
To those of you who weren't worried:You are bastards.
So for all two of you out there who read this blog...This post is for you.

I have a great apartment on Lower Queen Anne with parking. Having parking on lower queen Anne is like having an autographed picture of Patti Lupone at a gay bar. You are admired, envied and hated. It's awesome. I got a great deal on the place in exchange for paper thin walls where you often awaken to the sounds of the neighbor's phone ringing, techno and amorous couples. You get used to it.

I have been doing some theatre. It's been a few years since I have been onstage. It didn't take long for me to remember why. I dislike actors. Not all of them. Just a few of them. So if you are an actor and you are reading my blog just assume that I am not talking about you...but I probably am...Just kidding...Or am I?...I I'm not...okay probably. (the nice thing about actors is that they have a very short attentions span and most likeely stopped reading right around "Patti Lupone)

I have a day job now. Yes mom, I have a desk! I am working for a sign company on 1st avenue south. It's surprisingly fun, I work for great people. Everyone is taller than me. It's fun to feel petite at 5'9. I work right between Starbucks headquarters and Krispy Kreme. Which is oddly enough how envision heaven...except I wouldn't be working...and i'd be surrounded by gorgeous straight men feeding me peeled grapes and cleaning my house. And there would be no such thing as techno...or Taco del Mar.

And speaking of straight men. I found one. I don't want to jinx anything by writing too much but lets just say he's not a felon, not a homosexual, has a job and is pretty dang cute. Okay so he's an actor but nobody's perfect. I would go on and on about how witty and smart and great he is, but I know you visit my blog for bitterness and I don't want to activate any gag reflexes by getting all gushy. He did my dishes and made Mimosas...need I say more?

So that's the update. I am writing a musical right now. Well supposed to be writing a show right now, Instead I am updating my blog. I took a little break. It's amazing how many things I can find to do when I am procrastinating. Update my blog, watch "Newsies", paint my nails. Trim my hair.

I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I think I'll try to post to my blog more that every 6 months.

Happy New Year!


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