Thursday, August 17, 2006

Momentarily Amish

People look upon me with the same disdain usually reserved for Vegans, the DMV and Canadians when I tell them I don't watch TV. Don't get me wrong. I love television. The only reason I do not watch televison is out fo a stubborn battle of wills with Comcast. Oh, they try to sweet talk me back with thier multi-colored glossy flyers. I will have none of it. They done me wrong and that ain't right. I refuse the services of this evil empire and becasue of that I must live the live of the Amish. Life without television. Okay so it's not exactly like the Amish. I still drive and shop and use the internet to blog about the Amish and Melanie Griffith has never done a movie about my community, but other than that, It is exactly the same, well I have a cell phone too, and I wear colors, and make-up. Okay so I am nothing like the Amish. I am more like...a girl who lives in a place that can't get any channels without cable.

It was fun being Amish there for a minute...I'm gonna miss it.


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