Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Movin On Up...To The Eastside.

Well...I suppose it's official. I have given notice on my favorite steal of an apartment in Seattle. October 1st, I will officially be shacking up on the Eastside.

I have some things to get used to. I have lived in Seattle proper for 10 years. (Okay except for that brief lapse of judgement, when I thought Bothell was a good idea) So, I'll put aside my decade of Eastside bashing and admit that I actually really like Issaquah. It has all of the necessities within walking distance, Room 38 is a great little cocktail bar, Issaquah brewhouse serves up a damn fine brew and a tasty Gator Gumbo, We have a grocery store, a BBQ joint, good pizza, live theatre. As an avid outdoorsmen...which I am not, I might be excited that Issaquah has a number of trails and lakes and hikey-outdoorsey outsidey kinda REI type stuff to do.

There are lots of animals around here. I feel kind of like a gothic Snow White. We have giant beetles and spiders and raccoons.
This little red eyed cutie is our newest addition. We call him "Batista." We named him after my father, the former dictator of Cuba. He hung out with us for a couple of days. He got all nocturnal and moody and ran away when we told him "As long as you live attached to this roof, you will do what I say."

You know you are living in a small town when one of your favorite pastimes becomes pointing out the misspellings on the grocery store reader board.

That, said. You can get a lb of Strawberryes for 1.99


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to moving out that way. . .


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