Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bubble Tea, Mango and Neurosis.

I found a cute little Bubble Tea place on my jog/what was I thinking I don't have the stamina to jog/walk on Alki. I'm still not convinced that I like bubble tea...but I tried it again. Those little tapioca balls are oddly compelling. The first few chewy bites of drink are tasty. The novelty quickly wears off and yet I can't seem to stop drink/chewing while jog/walking back to my car.

I have a similar relationship with mango. I keep forgetting that I don't like mango. Who doesn't like mango? I keep trying to like it. I commit to mango. I will order a mango smoothie at Jamba Juice just to prove to myself that I do indeed like mango.

I keep getting tricked by Pizza Haven. The pizza smells sooo good and tastes sooo bad. There are plenty of other choices at the Seattle Center House...I keep falling for it. I keep thinking maybe this time it will taste as good as it smells.
I'm an idiot.
I don't like mango.
I don't like Jamba Juice.
I do like bubble tea. I think. maybe I'll just have to try it again...and again.
The jury is still out on lychee.

I wish the service guy would show up to fix our phone line so I could get out of the house.


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