Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shh. We're Watching Football

Last Saturday, I watched the end of the seahawks game at a bar on Bainbridge Island. I am not really a football fan. I'm one of those "jump on the bandwagon once we are on a winning streak" kinda gals. Everywhere you go there is excitement in the air...Except perhaps Bainbridge Island. There were plenty of people at this bar, even some people outside watching the game through the window. But this particular bar seemed to be populated by the catatonic. It was like watching a football game in a library...Of mimes, with no motor skills. Perhaps with the new smoking ban, people are confused about what they are allowed to do. Are they allowed to drink? Talking is all right but only in hushed tones. Clapping is apparently outlawed and any excited bursts of emotion will have the cops come running...Well walking...We wouldn't want to disturb anyone. I blame these people for the fact that I didn't even know the game was over for a good ten minutes after it ended. Okay, perhaps it was my fault for being more interested in my Stella Artois and Chicken wing than I was in the game, but in any other place in the greater Seattle Area, there would have been some screaming, some clapping, some excitement...some show of emotion. Bainbridge simply paid there tab in silence and went on there merry (albeit subdued) way. Wow. Imagine these people watching golf. You'd have to get out the defibrillators.


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