Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sonics and Storm

I have never been to a Sonics game. I have however been stuck in Sonics Traffic, competed for parking with Sonics fans and watched my share of televised Sonics games. I'm not that upset by the possible move to Oklahoma. (It's OK... So to speak...Is this thing on?)

I will miss the Seattle Storm a little if only for the excellent people watching and fe-mullet spotting possibilities around my neighborhood. The Storm holds no particular importance to me, as I am not an athlete, a sports fan or a lesbian.

It's not that I don't like basketball...actually, I guess it is that I don't like basketball. I know it's good for the economy, I know Seattle Center would like to keep them. Key Arena wants a face-lift and the Sonic blackmail is helpful to their cause.

I have only been to Key Arena once and that was for an Elton John concert....It seemed fine to me...even fabulous!


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