Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gonna kick your gas!

Granted I was in a particularly grouchy mood but, C'MON!
"Okay Mr. Toyota wanna piece of me? I will kick you in the trunk and git all up in yer grill. You scared huh? huh? You are so lucky your Tercel doesn't have a trunk... or a grill."

I didn't actually say any of that

Redmond Arco Station 4:25 (Friday)
So there I am trying to figure out which pump to get my $9.00 an ounce unleaded gasoline. I pull into the shortest line and wait for the guy in front of me to finish up. The guy in front of me starts up his engine and looks like he is going to pull out. Seeing that my line might move a tad faster dude from a Tercel get s out of his car and comes over to my window and starts yelling at me that he was in line. I couldn't argue with him as he was in fact in the line next to me.

Mr. Wrong (toyota tercel man) : Hey, you can't just pull in there. I was in line!

Ms. Right (Me) : Yeah, over there.

Mr. Wrong: You can't go next...I was here first!

Ms. Right: So...You are in all the lines?

Mr. Wrong: Yes, and thats not fair. You took cuts.

(Imagine if you will a man in his forties accusing a 32 year old woman of "Taking cuts"

Ms. Right: WHAT? ARE YOU FIVE? YOU WERE IN LINE OVER THERE! (the all caps means I was yelling)

Mr. Wrong must have a real tough time in the Grocery store check out line. I backed up and let Mr. Wrong go in front of me. We basically traded. At which point the new guy in front of me finished up and left. The new guy in front of Mr. Wrong had forgotten something and had to go back inside. I finished up and waved goodbye to Mr. Wrong while he was still waiting for his turn. (Well, I had to wave...I didn't want to look like a bad sport.)


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