Sunday, January 29, 2006


I tend to obsess over things that I read or hear about in the news. Health quizzes are particularly dangerous for me.
Q Do you have ringing in the ears?
A No. Well I don't think so. Hold on let me check. EVERYONE BE QUIET! Maybe. Yes I can hear ringing. That is definitely ringing. I HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR!

It's not just health issues I obsess about. I have fear of fire, falling trees, SARS, Asian Bird Flu, Hall and Oates reunion tour, earthquakes...but here is a new one.

I was reading about the first human face transplant. A woman received a new face because her dog ate the original. Yes. HER DOG ATE HER FACE. Now I worry a lot about a lot of things but I can honestly say this one has never shown up on my radar. Imagine waking up while man's best friend is eating your face. HER DOG ATE HER FACE! This totally freaked me out. I am disturbed. I don't even have a dog...just a new fear.

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