Monday, April 30, 2007

Feelin' Crafty

Today I learned how to make a Dog Paw Christmas stocking and a tin can totem pole. The choices are few as far as passing the time, waiting for your doctor while sitting in a crepe paper gown. I could choose between reading all of the uplifting quotes on the kitty collage on the exam room wall, obsessing over my impending diagnosis of some rare and/or incurable disease or leafing through back issues of the only magazine that Group Health seems to stock. “Family Fun”. So after I made may way through the inspirational Kitty quotes realized I’m already “hangin in there” and decided it was pretty unlikely that I have prostate cancer, I broke down and read some exciting articles about how a soccer mom manages to juggle the schedules of her three pre- teen boys. I collected ideas for making fun head shapes out of wheat grass plants and googly eyes and of course a million and one crafts to do with pipe cleaners and pom poms. Let me just say, I don’t hate children. I don’t hate families. I don’t even hate magazines for and about children and families but is this the only reading material available at Group Health? I know it seems petty to whine about this but it’s my blog so I can be self-indulgant if I want to. Maybe I am just getting old and bitchy and defensive about being 33 and childless but does everything have to revolve around being a mom?…and not just a mom, an embroidered jumper, over achieving, wooden toy only, crafty mom. So this is my petty rant for the day. The point? I don’t have one. I was just grumpy, and cold in my crepe paper ensemble with little to do. I started reading all of the pamphlets and brochures instead. There is a fascinating one on vitamin deficiency. Great…now I have convinced myself I have scurvy…or is it rickets? Something piratey.


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