Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Might be a Little Distracted

The mere fact that I ran across this article proves how easily distracted I am.
Maybe this was actually the test.
I came home for the sole purpose of changing my shoes.
I was distracted by a box of crackers.
I wondered how many weight watchers points they were worth
So I started looking for my points calcualtor thingy and couldn't find it.
I did find the thumb tacks I was looking for, so I hung up my calendar.
Looking at my calendar reminded me that I wasn't sure of the dates for our trip to San Diego
So I thought I'd look it up online.
I was distracted by the headline on the MSN homepage
"A Test For People Who Are Easily Distracted"
I read the article...I focused enough to read the entire article
And blog about it
I should find my shoes.
My crackers are worth 2 Weight Watchers points.

Oh yeah...I was looking for the dates for San Diego.....


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