Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Should Be Packing

Yet another example of how I only post to my blog when I am procrastinating. One might assume that I have pulled my life together and become organized and pro-active in a Type A personality sort of way. Hee hee. One would be wrong in that assumption. I am still an A number one procrastinator. I have just found other things to distract me from what should be getting done. How can one revise a full length musical when one could watch a Robot Chicken marathon instead?

So why blog now?

Well, I am supposed to be packing for a trip, finding a birthday present for Bill Brown, revising my re-written re-write of one of my children's musicals and sending out proposals for fall drama classes. Is there a better time to blog.? Probably.

I should be packing. I am heading off to San Diego with my man. "boyfriend" seems such a silly term when you are over 30. So I'll just refer to him as "my man"...or "my steady" or "my companion" or "my partner" or...
I've got it!
We'll call him "Mark."
That's code for his real name...which is Mark.
I'm not very good at this code name thing.

So "Mark" aka "Mark" and I are heading off to lovely sunny California. I should be packing. I should be writing. I should be working. I should be shopping. I should at least start by getting dressed.

I probably shouldn't tell y'all I'm leaving town.

I should be packing.

So, if you happen to be one of my junky whore cat burgler readers and are planning on breaking in to my apartment and stealing my valuables while I'm on vacation...the key is under the mat. I am taking most everything of value including my laptop, I-pod and Wonder woman poster with me. The TV is broken and missing the remote but you are welcome to it. The DVD player works but sometimes you have to slap it around a little. If you are in the market for a ridiculous amount of handbags and or flip yourself. You are also welcome to come play with "Sparkles" my psycho three-legged rottweiller with the heart of gold. He'll be pretty hungry while I'm away.

Oh and feel free to do my dishes.

I probably won't get around to it.

Oh and try not to wake my house-sitter. He's a little skittish since "the incident"


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