Friday, October 05, 2007

I have flaws...but you knew that

So, I have this voice.

I was once on a date where a man told me I sounded just like Kathy Griffin. My first thought was this guy must be gay. Then I was a little offended. Then he told me "You are really beautiful, you look like my sister" At that point I didn't know what to think. Then I remembered my vow not to date guys named Eric
....but back to the voice thing.
Apparently I have a memorable speaking voice. I was recognized in a bar by a guy who recalled my voice from some obscure children's show he took his kid too. I answered my phone at Ross the other day and a woman heard me and struck up a conversation. I had taught drama to her daughters about 8 years ago. Perhaps my favorite voice recognition came from the Doctor at Evergreen Hospital, who while performing an exam remembered me as the Fairy Godmother in Sleeping Beauty. Not exactly the kind of conversation you want to have in stir-ups.

It all makes sense now. In a classroom full of chatty kids I would always get singled out by the teacher for talking. I think it was because of my annoyingly recognizable voice.

And then there is the lisp thing...Did you know I have a lisp? I didn't. A voiceover teacher asked me if I was ever bothered by the fact I had a slight lisp. I was bothered by the fact I didn't know I had a lisp! It was like when my grandmother told me I had a lazy eye. No one else had ever told me that. It stands to reason that my eye is lazy, the rest of me is. It would be a shame if my eye was the only ambitious thing about me.

Then I started wondering about my other defects. I mean there are plenty of flaws that I know about. It's the other ones i"m worried about. Are there other quirks and character flaws that I am unaware of? If so...tell me. No never mind, don't tell me. Keep them to yourself. I don't really want to know. My lathy eye and my lithpy voith are good enough.


At 11:40 PM, Blogger Tyler B said...

Don't worry too much if you have a lisp -it's cool. I mumble and pronounce "th" as "fr"...I had my tonsils out when I was in grade 2 and apparently since then I've been lazy when it comes to opening my mouth. Society is too critical of people with speech dif-ficul-ties.

Keep writing the great blog, because that's where us speech impaired people properly pronounce...and your stories make me laugh.

BTW -If my commenting on your blog, being a stranger and all bothers you please just say so. I know I found your blog if you don't want me reading or commenting please let me know and I'll stop...I just happen to have a lot of free time.

Anyway, keep it real and a happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you.


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