Sunday, November 18, 2007

Neglecting the Blog

I have neglected my blog of late. I don't have any great excuse, just a bunch of little ones. Much of my time has been occupied with driving to and from Snohomish to direct a show for 4th to 7th graders. Directing 4th graders is like directing cats...not the show "CATS".... it's like directing actual cats. Our show opened Friday, closed yesterday and today I am recovering from both production week and a nasty cold that has kept me company for the last 10 days.

Oh and we went to Disneyland and San Diego again, yup three times in 4 months. Toured some landmarks, saw some fire damage, ate at In-and-Out Burger, spent a day at Disneyland, did the holiday rides, saw Mark's family and headed home. It was quite a whirlwind 2 and 1/2 day trip. It was lots of fun. I hated to head luckily my wish came true and we spent some quality time in the Boise airport on the way back. 4 glasses of wine and 4 1/2 hours late we finally boarded our tiny plane back to Seattle.

So, today it's off to the Seahawks game!

Go Hawks...(It makes my mother proud)


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Patti said...

Yes, it does make your mother proud!!
Love, Mother

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I like it that your mom reads your blog. . .)


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