Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seaside Part 1

Last weekend we drove down the Oregon coast for our 2nd annual tax day weekend trip to Seaside. Lots has changed since the first annual trip to Seaside, an engagement, Cletis the fetus, planning a wedding and shacking up in the meantime. I suppose the biggest difference was the lack of alcohol...for me anyway. The trip was a blast. Here is a little photolog

We thought it was raining, but the windshield wipers didn't clear much. The next day we realized why. We must have driven through Mosquito Territory.

This is the Seaside Inn, our accomodations of choice.

Here is a picture of the paddleboats that we planned to take advantage of last year. Apparently we have made this a tradition. We didn't make it to the paddleboats this year either.

We did, however make it to both the kite shop and the beach. This is our awesome groovy Jellyfish!

It's not over til the fat lady sings...and she is getting fatter by the minute.

More pics to come...I am sure you can hardly wait.


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