Monday, June 02, 2008

Wedding Music Hell

We are currently going through our music collection with DJ Dennis in hopes of coming up with a playlist for our wedding. I don't know that I have ever looked at Mark's music collection. It was probably wise to accept the engagment ring first.
I suppose my evening can be summed up with Mark's latest remark.
"Now this is the best Sailor Moon collection!"
This was said shortly after he tossed Dennis the soundrack to Titanic and Motley Crue.
At the moment I am blogging instead of using my veto power. I used a little of my power early on arguing against the Superman theme song and the Star Wars soundtrack.
They think I am not listening because I am not arguing with them.
I just listen to the conversation.
"Dennis, Why has Cocktail been vetoed!?"
"Because it's kinda gay"Dennis answers, while Mark is pulling out his Little Mermaid 2, demo album and one of his multiple versions of Phantom of the Opera.
"I'm being serious on most of these!" Mark assures us
"I know, that's what worries me"
"Ahh Bugs Bunny on Broadway!!!!" says Mr. Short attention span.
Debbi Gibson has just made an appearance.
Kill me.
"Ahhhh! This one are Sailor Moon songs done in the style of classical composers!"
I suppose I should mention he's been drinking. more gem before I go
"You know what makes me even gayer?!..Back to Titanic! the sequel to the Titanic soundtrack"
I think it's time to step in.


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