Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning...Sort Of

I'm not sure if it's nesting or spring cleaning or simply battling the spiders for squatting rights, but I have spent the day cleaning. Yes folks you heard right! Deonn is cleaning of her own free will. What sparked this miraculous event? I don't know.
Mark listens to me bitch everyday about how fat I'm getting and how none of my clothes fit anymore. I tried on pretty much everything in my wardrobe but instead of hanging anything back up I just flung it on the chair next to my bed in disgust. I have been adding to the pile everyday, to the point where the chair is neither useable nor visible.
I tried to clean out some boxes under the bed. The first box I pulled out was pretty much empty except for a big ass spider. (he is less impressive at the moment, I immobilized him with Scrubbing Bubbles and threw the box out onto the porch...he looks much smaller know in his puddle of bathroom cleaner) I have not returned to what lies beneath the bed.
I started on the kitchen, I threw away everything in the freezer. We had some queso dip that was so freezer burnt it had a glacier forming on top. The refrigerator was a little ickier so I ignored it and moved on to blogging.
I accomplished very little in my day of spring cleaning, the bed now holds everything that was on the chair and every other room looks like tornado aftermath. The more I clean the more there is to clean and there are spiders just waiting to get me at every turn. Thank god fro Scrubbing Bubbles.


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