Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bitch Cat and Others.

Cats love me. Gay men love me. Although after two weeks of living with my gay roommate he and his cat may beg to differ. In fact that incessant yowling coming from upstairs may just be the cat "begging to differ" She is currently in Kitty Clink. After spending Saturday cleaning up after the great explosive feline, I have set up a makeshift prison. She is currently locked up in Brad's art studio. Brad left for Mexico this weekend so I am left with the company of bitch cat for three weeks. I let Bitch cat out of prison last night. (she was clanging her tin cup and singing "Swing Low") She followed me around the house, she curled up next to me, she snuggled up while I pet her and then turned around and bit me. Back to the pokey she went. This evening She tried again to win me over. After withholding affection for a half an hour I relented and pet the creature. She scratched the hell out of my arm. No parole. Bitch cat is back in prison.
Okay so it may not sound like this particular cat loves me but other cats seem to. I had a cat try to follow me into my last apartment nearly every night. Granted it was unincorporated Snohomish county. She was probably trying to escape the stench of Marlboros and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
After dinner at the Kingfish cafe I was accosted by the friendliest cat ever. It ran up to me as if it were a puppy and demanded to be pet. It even climbed my leg. I pet it for a few minutes and it almost followed us to the car. Later that night we went to Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill. This is quite the feline friendly shop. The cats usually leave you to your browsing. We spotted a cat that looked like it was part seal. (The animal not the singer) The face of a cat and the body of a seal (again...The animal, not the singer.) It was huge. It could barely walk. It must have summoned up all of it's strength because seal cat waddled after me down three aisles of books. It was perhaps the most exercise it had seen in years. I felt like Richard Simmons coaxing one of those 500 pound ladies out of their apartment for the first time in years. Of course I wasn't wearing sequined boxers and a sparkly muscle shirt...But I did get a little teary. I'm kind of allergic.
Now I have a new friend. It is perhaps my favorite cat. I have seen it out by the hot tub. It wasn't until about an hour ago that I realized it was a raccoon. I wonder if Bitch Cat is lonely...


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