Monday, September 04, 2006


I admit there have been times that I have avoided people I wasn't in the mood to talk to. This is usually a grocery store encounter or mailbox chit chat here at my apartment building. I am sure there are times when someone has actively avoided me... I know you are thinking "How can that be? Everyone loves Deonn!" At least I would like to think that is what you are thinking. If there are those out there that are avoiding least they are discreet about it.

Friday, I saw someone that I had dated a few times in the past. We had parted amicably. But, he was the one who ended it. I didn't resort to boiling his bunny, stalking him or calling him in tears all Nancy Kerrigan like "WHYYYYY?!" We simply went our separate ways. No harm, no foul.

So I was walking home the other night and I see him walking towards me. I was with Gina and my phone was ringing so I looked down at my bag. Out of my peripheral vision I see him actually run across the street and up the alley to avoid least I assume it was to avoid me. Maybe he had something to do all of a sudden. It kind of reminded me of a cat that is just hanging out and suddenly jets across the room like they forgot they had somewhere to be...on the other side of the room.

Maybe that was it. Either way it kind of made me laugh. Not a "ha ha" kind of laugh, more like a "huh, that's wacky...who does that?" kind of laugh.
Maybe I am intimidating.
That's cool.
Fear me!


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