Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Some things I learned while watching the news coverage of Winter Freak-Out '06

There is a Cosmopolis School District in Washington State
There is a town called Cosmopolis. Is that the coolest name for a town? The town loses a little credibility on the cool factor by being located near Aberdeen.
Or does it? Maybe it's a rural breeding ground for a new generation of superheroes. They could fight the powers of evil, whose alma mater is that of the 2nd coolest name for a school district... Vader School District. Vader is somewhere near Pe Ell...if you know where Pe-Ell is... well, my friend, I am impressed that you can read this.
My favorite term that has been used to describe last nights winter storm?
That could very well be the title of my comic book featuring Vader vs. Cosmopolis.

and hey future superheroes and supervillains, congrats on your snow day!
Vader, your homework is to hatch an evil plan of death and destruction
Cosmopolis, Your homework is to thwart said evil plan.
Good Luck!


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