Monday, November 20, 2006

How I Pass the Time...

Next time you are sitting in a movie theatre waiting for the previews to start, pass the time by plotting out your own zombie movie. Who in the room would you be willing to follow if they were to take charge? Which character would you be and how early in the film would you be knocked off?

Much like my real life I would be passed over for romantic lead and cast as the wise-cracking friend. This would keep me alive longer than the old guy, the ethnic minority, the shallow sex-pot, and the computer hacker/burn victim with the heart of gold. I would be zombiefied in some creative manner well before the crafty gay guy and and of course the sandy haired ingénue and her chiseled leading man.

This little fun-filled game can be played anywhere. Staff meetings, health clubs, in line at the grocery store, Group Health, happy hour at the Taphouse in Bellevue… Hmm actually zombies at the taphouse…a little redundant.

I myself prefer playing at the movie theatre. What else is there to do while reading the onscreen trivia questions and listening to the shrieking song stylings from the soundtrack to Wicked?

Oh and If you see me...can I be in your zombie movie?


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous J-dot said...

You can even be the lead in my zombie movie if you want as long as I can play the shallow sex pot.

Taphouse waitress, first to go.


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