Sunday, November 12, 2006

Uh...I Touched Brain

Today I went to see "Bodies...the Exhibition"
Audio Tour-6.00
Spending a rainy afternoon looking at dead Chinese prisoners-Priceless
(If nothing else, click on this just for the snappy techno-intro)

I was oddly fascinated by the people attending the exhibit. It was painfully obvious that the attendees were hardly more animated than the dead bodies on display. I was a little self conscious cracking jokes about the dead body action figures, but I barrelled through. Everyone there was very serious. They would read the informational tags, furrow their brow and nod. then move to the next one. Read the tag, furrow and nod. What a weird ass response. We found a few kindred spirits in the crowd willing to make weird comments. But alas we lost them in the sea of furrowed brows.

The creepiest part of the exhibit in my opinion was posing the bodies in action shots. They did this to show the groups of muscles being used. Since I am all about amusing myself, I like to think they actually died in those positons, like scoring a touchdown, football in hand. That's one dangerous Chinese football league. There was one guy who died throwing a discus, one playing basketball and another playing tennis. I knew sports were dangerous! I felt bad for the body conducting the orchestra, he just looked so frail. And the swing dancers...they were cute he didn't seem to mind that she was a skeleton and she loved her man all skin and bones ...sans eyeballs.

It was a fascinating exhibit. It showed every part of the human body. My favorite was the nervous system dissection. It was very Jim Henson looking, all threads and eyeballs.
It amazes me that the human body can even function with all that potential for something to go horribly wrong,

It was very cool, but I am kind of cheap. (so thanks Jared for buying!) For that kind of money he should have been able to take home the T-shirt, the baseball cap and a souvenir body part.

Oh, and we touched brain, actual dead body brain....seriously I touched brain.


At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Kate said...

You and I probably crossed paths yesterday, I was there too! It was fascinating, but I'd recommend others don't stuff themselves on sushi directly before visiting (like I did).

I liked the parts with the veins and arteries the best...very cool.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Swiftyjess said...

I saw the same exhibit last year in Chicago and it was much better. People were animated and there were a bunch of kids there that kept asking their guardians if the body really looked like that...
I thought the Seattle exhibit was a bit boring. Being a massage therapist though, this probably isn't surprising.


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