Friday, September 15, 2006

Google Me Deonn

Maybe it's because I was hanging around my twenty five year old cousin, or maybe I have been meeting more single people of late or maybe I have been limping with a younger crowd, but I keep getting the same question.
"Are you on Myspace?"
My answer is an emphatic
followed by
"Because I'm 32"
"Because I'm not in Jr. High"
"Dude, I could be your mother...But I would have had to sleep with your father"
So, no. I am not on Myspace. It's too much pressure. You have to make your site look cool and choose hip music that represents your inner "youness". High school was traumatic enough. I don't want to be 32 years old and obsessing over whether people want to be Myspace friends. I have enough to obsess about. Like dogs eating peoples faces off (I know, I know...I need to let it go, But it still freaks me out)
I do however have a blog. I'm easy to find. You can actually Google me by my first name...and it comes up with this here blog. I don't need a Myspace page that nobody reads. I have a blog that nobody reads...except you.


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