Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Won't Mention Any Names...

Lately people have been wondering why I don’t include them in my blog. It’s nothing personal. I don’t usually write about people I know unless they do something really ridiculous. See-Runaway. They are all “blogworthy” (my new favorite term, I stole.) I just don’t know how much I should share about other peoples lives. My friends and aquaintances are all rich with comic potential. I promise. They all do just as much ridiculous stuff as I do. I just prefer not to alienate them by posting their actions online. There are certainly things they do that I find amusing.
I would love to write about a certain friend that bought hiking boots for his retarded dog but I don’t, because that would be in poor taste. He might post some nasty comment on my blog that I would be forced to publish.
I might also mention a certain friend who spent a toiling afternoon searching for Scoops style chips because the committee organizing the disabled persons mixer thinks regular tortilla chips might be too unwieldy for your average disabled person, but I can’t mention that. I might seem cold and heartless to the plight of the disabled.
I could “Out” the vegetarian who eats pepperoni. But I won’t.
I might mention someone that called me in mock offense at my failure to include him in the list of things that I find funny. I do find him funny, but I found his response to not being included even funnier. So there you have it, my fellow friends, acquaintances strangers and cyberstalkers. Do you really want to be included in my blog? It’s not like being in a movie.


At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Not JR said...

So ok he has delicate feet. We're in a fight now. I hate your ass face you stupid stupid bastard people.


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