Friday, September 15, 2006

"It Was An Interesting Idea"

I'm not a good liar. My face always gives me away. You can always tell what I am thinking by the look on my face. It's a bit of a curse. It usually only comes up in the arts. I went to see "The Penal Colony" once. It is a dreadfully boring Phillip Glass opera based on Kafka. It was done in the round. I had no idea that the look on my face was so telling. I ran into friends at intermission. They told me the most entertaining thing about the show was watching my reaction from across the house. I was terribly embarassed and spent the next act trying to look interested, which they found even funnier. Every time I looked in their direction they would burst out laughing.
I attend a lot of theatre. Most of the theatre I see is done by friends or aquaintances of mine. I am always so relieved when I enjoy something. I hate trying to come up with something to say when I don't. Since I am a terrible liar and my face gives me away all the time, I try to say something truthful. Here are my most recent comments.

"That was really something"
"I have never seen anything like it!"
"What an interesting idea for a show"
"I enjoy a good musical" (Any idea where I can find one?)
"You are so talented" (What happened?)
"That must have been quite the rehearsal process" (You did rehearse at some point, right?)

So if any of you theatre people out there are reading my blog. (you can't see my face) those quotes did not apply to you. I loved your show...really. It was amazing. Your creation of the earth done through interpretive dance was truly magnificent.


At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

What about, "You guys look like you are having a lot of fun up there"

I think you used that one on me :)


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