Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Beautiful Autumn Day

Today I decided to ruin an otherwise perfect autumn day by trying on clothes. It was a lovely morning walking through Pike Place. I treated myself to lunch at the market and enjoyed wandering aimlessly through downtown. Why did I have to ruin it? Perhaps it was the vast emptiness of my closet, the extra hours reflected in my paycheck or the brimming self confidence that led me down the path of frustration. Designers don't do much for my body type. There seem to be two sets of designs right now. Plus Size or Nicole Richie Size (Our last name is our only similarity) While they have clothing in my annoyingly in-between size I found nothing very flattering. It's not just being in between sizes it's being in between age groups. I set foot in Mariposa and you could amost hear my bones cracking I felt so old. Thank God I am not yet old enough for Coldwater Creek or Chicos. Old Navy makes my ears hurt. I haven't nearly enough money for Anthropologie or Eileen Fisher and lack the patience for Ross and the Nordstrom Rack. I did what I always do when I have trouble finding clothes. I bought a pair of shoes and went home...and ate.


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