Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Twice in the recent past someone has tried to convince me that pot smoking has kept their otherwise ill fated plants alive. In the first case the toker in question moved out of his girlfriend’s apartment leaving his plant (we’ll call him “Jimmy”) behind. “Jimmy” was a happy and healthy plant. He thrived in his pot filled haze. “Jimmy” became an addict. Dude moved out leaving "Jimmy" to fend for himself. He is now withering away…quite literally without his daily fix. Poor Jimmy.
I recently ran into an ex-boyfriend of mine. We’ll call him Eric, because…well that’s his name. Eric was also a big fan of the cannabis. He told me he had recently stopped smoking pot. He was feeling great and healthier than ever. He had slimmed down, joined a basketball team and now goes jogging every day. Gosh the days of sleeping til noon, and subsisting on a diet of Fritos and Chicken wings are gone. The only down side was the fact that his house plants were dying. Much like “Jimmy”. His once thriving foliage had turned yellow and droopy. (I have never met Eric’s plants therefore it doesn’t seem right to name them…You may name them if you are so inclined)
Now, I am not saying there is anything to this Marijuana myth. I just thought it was weird that two separate pot smoking musicians each on a different coast would have the same experience with their houseplants.
Mmm anyone else craving Doritos?


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