Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sorry Boys...It Just Has to be Said

I will apologize for this post in advance. I am not the kind of girl that is amused by people talking about the monthly functions of a womans body. This is more about advertising than anything else.

* Men, I will warn you now to read no further. If you choose to proceed please know you will gain more information than is necessary to a long and happy life of not being a woman.

Apparently Always brand maxi pads come with a new uplifting message. Peel back the adhesive strip and it reads "Have A Nice Period" Is anyone else disturbed by this? I almost thought it was a joke. I didn't see it for myself. I was only told about it by a friend. This is not my usual brand of feminine protection, again, sorry boys for the info. This was corroborated by the other women we were with.

"Have a Nice Period" Are you kidding me. What condescending advertising exec. gave the go ahead for that one? I think there are plenty of other phrases that would be more fitting to the occasion. Perhaps

"Sorry, your day is gonna suck"
"Boy I bet your relieved to see me"
"At least you don't have to walk around with a penis"

Maybe you could have a little more fun with them. Maybe a horosope or a lottery or a veritable chinese fortune cookie.
"You will soon go on a journey"
"Much happiness will befall you in the upcoming week"
"Happy Good for you Yum Chicken"

It wasn't enough for our gaggle of ladies to discuss it over lunch in a public place. It must now be in print.


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