Thursday, March 03, 2005

10 things I have done that you probobly haven't

10 things I have done that you probobly haven't.
This idea was forwarded to me. It is apparently making the rounds of Catholic Blogdom. Since I don't frequent the Catholic Blog network I'm just taking their word for it. ...So here goes. In no particular order.

Missed a turn on the big Island of Hawaii and decided to just drive all the way around it.

Spent two days at a neighboring High School pretending to be a Russian exchange student.

Sang Bangles tunes for an oldies band. I played the tambourine for one performance. Realized I was not a multi-tasker.

Failed my drivers test twice, by running the same stop sign twice.

Pretended I didn’t speak English when the Mormon’s came a knockin.

Almost ran over John Curley

Attended a Nordic Folk-Dancing contest because “Jurassic Park” was sold out.

Accidentally went to Christian camp

Ate Italian food at a Korean Disco in Sibiria.

Experienced the Nisqually Earthquake in a giant bear Renton.


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