Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'll Get You "POLKA DISCO"

One of my favorite hobbies in years past was to shop for records. I still like to rifle through the bins of old music in antique stores and thrift shops. I have had a difficult time justifying this habit because I don’t have a turn table. I lost my old warbler and most of my record collection to the great storage unit flood of ’97.
Kurt and Marie bought me a new record player for Christmas!
It hasn’t arrived yet but I am counting the days until I can whistle along to the ole “Alpine Yodeling” and “World’s Greatest Polka” records.
These survived along with "Hey God Listen!" A children talk to god musical featuring the song stylings of Sunday School Picnic, the soundtrack to "Pretty in Pink" and I think I still have the Beastie Boys “License to Ill”

My New Year's Resolution...

to make this mine.


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