Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fun with Hell

I think everyone has their own version of a personalized hell. Whether you believe in an actual hell is beside the point. Throw away your visions of pitchforks, angry demons and sweltering heat. This isn’t about my childhood. What would your personal hell be?

Marie’s personal hell might include being trapped in an enclosed space listening to Al Franken while being force fed bell peppers by Kirstie Alley.

Brad’s Hell? Being trapped in a poorly decorated bungalow with a plasma TV showing nothing but Korean pop videos and Christian Rock.

JR’s would be to repeatedly watch a Baptist fold a map incorrectly while telling him how “ironic” it all is.... and there would be no such thing as math.

I have discovered mine.
My personal hell is standing amongst a group of people, all of which repeatedly hand me the perfect set up to an irreverent joke and/or comment. I can’t say a thing because they won’t understand, they will be horribly offended and/or won’t think it is as funny as I do.
That’s not really my hell.
It’s kinda my life.
If it were my hell, it would include smooth jazz and somebody repeatedly saying “as it were.”


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Hamilton said...

dont you hate that? when you could say something incredibly funny but the people who would understand arnt there...


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