Saturday, February 17, 2007


I’m pretty sure I have never used the word “Sweetie” in conversation. I have never called a man “Sweetie”, referred to a child, as "Sweetie" and I certainly never call other artists "Sweetie" I am, apparently in the minority.

"Sweetie"'s not just for homosexuals anymore

My friend Bill signed me up for the Warren Report. I only recently started taking advantage of my subscription (very cool, by the way) I shall link them in exchange for the scotch I downed at the party. With your subscription you get free admission to all sorts of readings, lectures, movie screenings and the occasional scotch party. With your membership you also get unlimited access to use of the word “sweetie” While this is mostly reserved for actor/director/writers. The privilege has also extended itself to pony-tailed film students, and shaggy haired hobos that are probably millionaires in disguise.

The "Sweetie" came in all shapes and sizes, all timbers of voice. From the high screechy “Sweetie" oh my god it’s so great to see you” (in my scientific study “Oh my God!” accompanies most “Sweetie” to the more droll Brenda Vacarro/Ben Stein “Sweetie, lovin the screenplay” There was more “Sweetie” than you could shake a stick at. ...and I had a big stick… you never know when your gonna need to whack an actor.
“Sweetie put down the stick!”
”I’ll put down the stick when you stop using the term “Stage craft!” Whack.

To be fair the movie screening and scotch party involved far less shmoozing than the “Sweetie” fest of a live stage reading. Warren himself doesn’t seem the “Sweetie” type. He seems like a reasonable enough chap, accompanied by both wit and flask. Both events were entertaining and totally worth the membership that I didn’t actually pay for. I will probably even buy my own membership this year.

I have officially removed the word “Sweetie” from my vocabulary. It has joined the ranks of such terms as “Closure,” “We’re Pregnant,” and “Let’s dialogue”
The only reason to use the term “hard core” is when describing porn.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Grace said...

I think I've used "sweetie" once or twice. xP


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