Monday, August 25, 2008

Ariel, Belle, Skimbleshanks, Rum Tum Tugger, Debbie and Tiffany

My husband has certain likes and dislikes that might lead one to question his heterosexuality. I will vouch for the man and say he is indeed straight, (his affinity for Andrew Lloyd Webber aside) However, it's not always easy to defend the honor of one so enamored with Disney musicals, musical theatre and 80's pop.
One conversation that often comes up among Mark and friends is the Ariel vs. Belle comparison. I don't care what side you take. Mark is obviously in the Ariel camp. I don't know if it's the fish body or that later in the movie she becomes every man's dream. She has the perfect body of a Disney human without the ability to speak. Most men prefer Belle, but I can honestly say without any sarcasm...Mark is not like most men.
I'm used to the argument.
It's not as fay as the argument between two actor friends of mine over which cat they would be cast as in the musical Cats.
"I would totally be Rum Tum Tugger"
"You would not, I can't see you as a Rum Tum'd be...Skimbleshanks!"
"You take that back! I would soooo not be would be Skimbleshanks"
and so on.
I relay the Cats story so that the Ariel vs. Belle argument didn't sound so nellie. Unfortunately, Mark topped himself with a new argument.
"Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany"
and then corrected himself by saying
"It's actually Deborah now."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby's First Halloween

Our baby (We call her Xanadu at the moment) is due in early October. I came up with this great idea for her first Halloween Costume.
I explained it to some co-workers who just looked at me with confusion and disdain...with a little tinge of fear.
Here is my brilliant concept. I want to have someone make a dingo costume for Xanadu and just have her little face poking out. I would dress as Meryl Streep and I could be all "A Dingo ate My Baby." Yeah, my co-workers responded
Does working with children and having babies mean you can't laugh at anything?
Come on....
A Dingo ate my Baby! Hahahahaha
not even a courtesy laugh?

What Next? Small Locust Plague?

Nothing like being house bound to inspire one to post to their blog.
If you have been following the many misadventures of Deonn over the last few weeks you already know about the minor car accidents, small kitchen fire and the next door stabbing (btw, the Windsong has been murder-free for 8 days now! I really want to put that on their Now Leasing Sign)
Today's installment of Many Misadventures of and Emotionally Fragile Pregnant Woman include a condo flood, more specifically...our condo. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than waiting for the property management company to assess damages? It's okay though, they should be here in hour and a half...ago.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Life in the Suburbs

Apparently minor car accidents, neighborhood murders and teaching theatre to teenagers isn't enough drama for me.
It just ain't an exciting night without a small kitchen fire.
All is well, though we did find out our smoke alarm will probably only alert us once the entire condo complex has gone up in flames.
My gratitude to Justin from upstairs for fire extinguishment. Probably the fact I didn't burn down his condo was thanks enough.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Drama in the 'Quah

Well I was going to write about being rear-ended for the second time in a month. I was at a full stop both times but the folks behind me had another agenda. I'm okay except for some annoying neck pain.
My minor car accident story becomes less interesting as details are coming in about a murder next door.
That's right folks a good ol' fashioned chest stabbin' next door at the Windsong Apartments.
I was in no way involved. Details are sketchy. It sounds like a lover's spat and I promise you it has nothing to do with this.
The police are still on the scene...and there are a bunch of Krispy Creme boxes in our dumpster. I kid you not. Coincidence?