Friday, March 11, 2005

Dierdre the Parisian Diva

"It's Enya mixed with Bjork and possibly a little Nell" This was Dennis's description of a show he wanted to see in Fremont. And by "Nell" he meant that Jodie Foster movie where she spoke her own freaky deaky twin language...Not the portly star of TV's Gimme A Break.
I am not a huge Bjork fan, but I do like to say the name Bjork. It's kinda Fjun. Not as entertaining as imitating Jodie Foster's freaky deaky twin language but its still fjun. And then there's Enya...well she kind of mocks herself. I'd join in but it would be redundant...or Redjuntant.

The show was supposed to start at 10:00. It didn't. We killed time drinking, and looking at somebody's vacation slide show on their laptop. We weren't sitting with them. We were upstairs looking down on every way. What's more pathetic than bringing in your vacation photo's to a nightclub? Um perhaps being the lamest voyeurs ever. We watched their entire boring Ski trip slide show. Dude, don't ever vacation with those people. It would be like being trapped in a Thomas Kinkaid painting or a Jigsaw Puzzle landscape. Even their food looked boring.

The show "Dierdre, the Parisian Diva"...once it finally started had some potential for blogging mockery but once you got past the Joel Grey ala Cabaret outfit and the fact that the Parisian Diva was 7 months pregnant...and not Parisian, She was actually pretty good. She had an awesome voice, An interesting repertoire and three, possibly four laptop D.Js. I have never seen Faux French World Techno before. We didn't stay for the entire show. It was getting late and one of us has a real job, but, I think we got our six dollars worth.


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