Sunday, March 06, 2005

Where's Kirstie Alley?

My room mate has this new found love of world cultures. Well not exactly the cultures themselves, but the merchandising of world culture. Our house is jam packed with masks, statues, bowls, vases and random knick knacks from Asia, Latin America, and Africa. While some of these decorative items did come from his travels to Mexico, most of them are from exotic places such as Marshall's , Ross and the inner jungles of TJ MAXX.
Now, I like tribal masks as much as the next guy (provided the next guy doesn't like tribal masks) I do actually like them...but...hold on I'm going to go count how many we have....I'm back. THIRTEEN! we have thirteen masks hanging about the house. I had no idea there were that many. This does not even count the statues and free standing Buddha heads. This isn't even counting the masks in his bedroom. Holy Crap...Thirteen?! My house looks like Pier 1 and Cost plus merged and exploded. I even had a visitor ask me "Wow Where's Kirstie Alley?"


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