Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pleasant Feeling Tones

I had heard a rumor from some teachers I work with. Teachers in many schools have been asked to stop grading their papers in red. I just read an article today calling for an end to "red"
Apparently red is "angry" and "critical". So was my elementary school PE teacher...he didn't even use a pen. Parent's at one school called the principal to say that red ink was "stressful." I'll tell you what is stressful. Growing up with a parent who feels the need organize a grassroots campaign against red ink is stressful.
Should red lights be changed to something a little less "Authoritarian"?
Should fire trucks soften their tones lest they be seen as "too harsh."
Perhaps only green apples should be allowed in supermarkets. We wouldn't want a child bringing an "abrasive" red apple to a teacher. She might take out her "angry" red pen and write something perfectly nice about it...that whore!
One young male teacher says "It's (red) abrasive to me. Purple is just a little bit more gentle"
A principal at a Pittsburgh Elementary school has asked for teachers to use "Pleasant feeling tones" Excuse me while I dry heave.
Since when is it a bad thing to have a little authority? It's okay to correct children. Teachers write in red because it shows up and it's easy to see where you went wrong...or right. Teachers also write positive comments in red. A bright red star is just as complimentary as a bright turqouise star and maybe a little less nelly then a bright purple star.
Did I upset you with the text color? I apologize profusely if my color choice has damaged your wuss.


At 7:12 AM, Blogger J.R. Hughson said...

I used to write papers in red just to annoy my 11th grade english teacher.

The idiots don't realize it isn't the color at all it's the fact that Johnny just fucking flunked that makes the ink seem abrasive or harsh... idiots. So we blame the ink coming out of the pen. If I were Martha Stewart I might blame the ink...


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